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How is the Suzuki Flute method different from other methods?

The Suzuki flute method is a method modeled after how young children learn to speak a language; it is often called the mother-tongue method. Regular listening, teaching skills in small steps, family involvement in lessons and home practice, and the belief that all children can learn are some of the other things that make the Suzuki method special. 
To learn more about the Suzuki method, visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas page here:

How do I know if my child is ready for flute lessons?

I generally accept flute students from four years and up. Young children are so interested in the world around them and are usually enthusiastic to begin music lessons. Of course, the younger the child, the more help they will need at home to begin their musical journey, and in the years to come. Since all children and all families are different, I would be more than happy to speak to you about starting lessons with your child.

I'm not at all musical, how will I be able to help my child at home?

Many parents are worried that they won't be able to help their young musicians at home, but the most important things are a belief in the ability of your child to learn and a willingness to accompany them on this wonderful adventure of learning to play an instrument. In lessons, I will help you gain the skills you need to help your child at home. As a Suzuki parent myself, I understand the both beauty and the challenges of helping a child to learn an instrument and am committed to working with parents to ensure a positive and enriching experience.  

Do you teach adults?

Most definitely! I really enjoy working with adult students. While adult students often learn differently from children, they also experience a wide variety of benefits from learning an instrument. I firmly believe that it is never too late to learn something new.

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